Monday, February 9, 2009

Delayed New York post

About a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting two of my friends from Holland - Beate and Maria (let me now if you want your names taken down) in New York for a long weekend trip.

We had a great time doing all the girly stuff like shopping and walking around and doing the Sex and the City bus tour ...

The Sex and the City tour was fun if a little silly. Our guide showed us video snippets from the show and then made little jokes like "That guy has some serious anger management problems, hallooo!". So that got a bit annoying after a while. But we did get to eat a cupcake from the Magnalio bakery (which I already did at my last trip to New York) and we went to the sex shop where Charlotte bought the "Rabbit". We also got to have Cosmos at the place that in SATC was owned by Aidan. 

One of the most unexpected, fun experiences I had was at the big Toys'r'us on Times Square. It's a crazy place!

They have a life sized spiderman hanging in the air:

A giant t-rex that moves and really scared me (and a lot of other grown up people):

And a barbie dream home - big enough for people to walk around in. On the bottom of this house there was a floor with all the barbies currently available on the market and a few special ones. I was especially surprised to see:

Dominatrix barbie:

and Gold-digger barbie:

Times sure have changed since I was begging my mom for Totally-hair-barbie (called Ultra-hair-barbie in Austria). I guess girls today just have different goals in life.

We also ended up eating at a Michelin star Italian restaurant in Little Italy. The food was pretty great but we were kind of annoyed that they added a 20% tip on the bill themselves. That's something pretty common in Italy and all the people working there were Italians so maybe that's why they did it but I still prefer to decide what I want to tip myself (but I usually do tip pretty well, so it's not that).

So to sum it up we had a really great time and it was wonderful to see two of my friends again!

And a quick update on my detox: Yesterday I felt so exhausted, I thought I couldn't do anything. I guess in general I feel a little bit less achy but the having no energy is really annoying. E suggested that maybe I am lacking Iron (I also have the tell-tale raw edges at the corners of my lips) and other vital vitamins, so I took a multi-vitamin and an Iron supplement last night. Hopefully I will feel more active today.

I also don't really feel hungry or have an appetite and almost have to force myself to eat. I am in a bit of a vicious circle. I am really not the kind of person who can eat the same thing more than twice in a row (unless I really, really like it) but I have been too tired to make new things, so I ate lentil soup and nothing but lentil soup for two days, after that I ate vegan Chili for three meals in a row - I am so BORED of it!
Hopefully the extra vitamins and minerals will help me have more energy and inspire me to cook more.

Also I have been feeling really depressed, like, very, very depressed. I don't know where this is coming from but I wonder if it has to do with my body getting rid of toxins? Because there is no other reason for it. If it's the toxins then I expect to get better soon. 
I am halfway done with the detox and I will see it through the end even if it's not really working the way I was hoping it to work so far but sometimes symptoms have to get worse before they get better. Also this is a challenge I set for myself and I am not the kind of person who just gives up.
So, three more days and then I am done!


contrarybear said...

Take more vitamins today! I think you're supposed to take them in the morning for maximum effectiveness.

Maria said...

Hope you will be all cheerful again soon!

The Austrian said...

Thank you Maria! I have started taking more vitamins and iron and it really helped me. I feel much better today.