Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hey you guys,

Sorry for not being on here much lately but a lot of things are going on - and I was in Ohio for a week.

Well - we have two big news - first - we own a car now. A nice old Honda. It used to be E's car when he was living in Chicago. When he moved to Europe he sold it to his father, his father sold it to his sister and later his sister gave it back to his parents, swapping it for another car they had and now we got it back!
I always hated cars. Living in Holland you really don't need a car but unfortunately - here you do. In Chicago not so much. I guess if you are student who lives in a furnished apartment than you are ok but if you have a family and children (which we will have at some point in the future) it's really much easier and efficient if you can drive places.
I am personally getting much better at driving. I have driven in the city a few times now and it is much less scary than I expected. As I said I will probably try and get my American drivers license in February.

The other big news is that we got a kitten. Well, we don't have it yet. 
We actually went to a few shelters last Saturday and the shelters were packed with people and kids. All the kittens were adopted. Since I know that my little Anouk (my first cat that moved over to Chicago with us from Delft) is a very sweet cat and easily dominated by any other cat - I knew I had to get a kitten. For once I want Anouk to be the boss. I have this fantasy that the kitten will see Anouk as a big sister and look up to her and aspire to be just like her (because - let's be honest - Anouk is the perfect cat in any way). Well, at least I want them to get along.
Anyway - all the kittens had already been adopted. We were going to come back next Saturday in the morning to check again. E thought thats when they get all the new kittens in.

Yesterday I had lunch with E and a few friends downtown. After lunch I wanted to go for a long walk and thought, hey, I could just walk down to the Anti-Cruelty-Shelter (a shelter where they don't kill animals even if they can't find a home for them) and look at the cats. 
So I did and when I got there they had a kitten. And she was a female (I wanted a female and people say that the same sex gets along better) and she was super cute. I was sold. I held her for about 30 seconds when I asked one of the people who worked there how I can adopt her.
The whole adoption process took about an hour. Mostly I had to wait for them to check my details. I also had to fill in a two page "exam" on how I would behave in which situations. Since I have had cats all my life and I have trained Anouk before I guess I answered all the questions correctly. 
There was one question that said "When you move houses, what will you be doing with your cat?". Well I had moved to America with my cat, so the answer is pretty clear. I wrote that down and the moment the vet who interviewed me saw that - she was completely sold on me. After that she was almost trying to sell the cat to ME. Anything I said was gold to her ears. So I was approved immediately.
Since out new kitten is only 10 weeks old she had to still get spayed which happened last night. I can pick her up this afternoon which I will be doing in a few hours. 
So far her name is Robyn but I think I will change that. Since Anouk was named after the Dutch singer I would like to name our new kitty after a famous, female singer too. So far she seems very mellow and calm, so maybe a cool, relaxed, jazz singer? But her looks (she is black with rusty spots) are more rock' n roll. So maybe a rock singer?
One name we like is Penelope - short - Penny. Because she kind of looks like a Penny. But I am open to suggestions. I actually called Anouk Lana at first but changed her name after a week because Anouk matched her much better. 
If you have any good names, please let me know!
I'll post pictures of her soon!

I have gotten a ton of sewing books for Christmas. I have really gotten back into sewing and knitting. I want to learn how to do clothes but right now I am only doing small projects.

Here a few pictures of what I did so far:

This a shopping/diaper bag I made for my sister in law. It looks really easy but it is reversible and it has a bottom which made it more difficult. It took me a LONG time to make this bag. She loves dogs and blue, so I got some dark blue fabric with dogs on it and some light blue fabric with paws on it.

My first project were Christmas stockings. E's is the red one which I made first and is skinnier because I did something wrong. Mine is the green one. Next year I will probably make a new one for E.

That's it for today, really have to get some stuff done today but I'll write more very soon, I promise!

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