Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kitten update

After my last post little kitten Penny started to eat less and less. E and I tried to force feed her, which can be really dangerous if the food gets into the wind pipe instead of the food pipe. We did it anyway because she hadn't eaten since Saturday night and kittens can die from not eating and drinking pretty fast. I ended up calling a vet yesterday. He told me to try special high-calorie diet food for the cat. He gave me some cans to try feed her. Unfortunately it didn't work. Whenever I tried to give Penny food, she turned her nose away.

Another thing the vet told me to do was to put her in the bathroom with the shower on. The steam would loosen up the mucus from her cold and maybe being able to smell again would make her want to eat. Well, I tried it twice and it seemed to make the situation even worse. This morning she was wheezing badly. It was obvious that she had big troubles breathing. I called the vet again and he told me to bring her in.

So today at 3pm I brought Penny to the pet hospital and they decided to keep her there until she gets better. 
I have mixed feelings about this - I feel guilty that I had to leave her there again. She will be kept in a cage, she will feel lonely, she will probably think that I abandoned her like people did before. I feel sad because I miss her and I don't know if whatever the vet does will work out. At the same time I feel relieved. Taking care of this sick kitten has become a full-time job. I spent most of the last few days either trying to force feed her, give her the antibiotics, watching her to see if she eats, trying to trick her into eating or reading up on how to make her better. I think I tried everything I could to make her eat but she just wouldn't. That makes me feel a bit like I failed her.

As I said they will keep her until she is better - they told me it usually takes 5-6 days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. 

I just want her to live and be a healthy kitten. And I hope she won't hate me forever for all that stuff she went through since I adopted her.

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