Friday, January 16, 2009

New York, New York

Tomorrow morning I am off to New York where I am meeting two of my friends from Holland. 

I am a bit nervous about it - first because I am flying to La Guardia and I don't know if y'all saw it but a plane just emergency-landed in the Hudson river yesterday after a bunch of geese flew into the engine. Oh yeah and that plane started at La Guardia.

Second - the plane is fully booked. That scares me for multiple reasons, what if it is overbooked and they need to get rid of somebody? What if the plane is going to be too heavy and we are going to have an accident? That means I actually have to sit next to somebody! What if it's a jerk?

Third - having to find my hotel and having to check in by myself. On top of that my hotel is not getting very nice reviews on TripAdvisor. But it was cheap and close to were my friends are staying ...

You can see that I haven't been traveling by myself for a while. I promise I am actually a very independent, young woman. I mean, I moved to Holland by myself when I was 19 years old, I once went to London for a one week holiday by myself ...

But well, you kind of get used to having somebody by your side. You know, if something goes wrong, you always have each other. It's comforting. Also traveling seems to go so much faster when you have somebody by your side.

I have actually just been too Austria by myself in September but then that doesn't really count because I know my way around Vienna.

Anyway I am going to me much happier once I am there and checked into the hotel.

News on the kitten - there aren't any. The vet hasn't called me yet today but the last two days her situation was unchanged which is not great but not bad. It just takes time to get over a cold and as long as she isn't getting worse I am confident that she will get better in a few days and starts to eat again. 

I will take some pictures in New York and also bring my Macbook. If I have time I might even blog from the Big Apple but I am not promising anything.


contrarybear said...

I've got a message to all you geese out there:

Leave my wife's flight alone, you honkers!

Anonymous said...

Heast Aline kein Stress, das mit dem Flugzeug war einfach nur Pech, also es wird schon alles schief gehen! Ich war noch niemals in N.Y. also check out nice pics for me. Den Haag ist so boring you know. Dickes Bussi. Mona