Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Money, money, money, must be funny ...

Just yesterday I said to E that the recession has not hit us hard yet (knock on wood three times) and that we are lucky.

However - it is hitting all around us. Mass firings everywhere.

Today Target is letting go a big bunch of their employees.

One of my favorite blogs - was shut down recently. All the girls who contributed to this sponsored blog also lost their day-jobs in the last few month (I started following their private blogs after Elastic Waist stopped, that's how I know).

And today - my favorite magazine - Domino - closed it's doors. The March issue will be the last one. When I first discovered this magazine I was amazed - finally somebody gets what style of house I like! Elle Decor, Vogue Living - all those magazines are too snobbish for me, not creative enough. I don't like the starckesque, emotionless interiors they show. I like colorful, friendly, homey, bohemian with a dash of glamour and a pinch of hippie and that's exactly what Domino showed in its pages.
I also just subscribed and haven't even received my first issue yet. I heard a rumor that I will be sent another magazine from the Conde Naste group instead. Whatever it is, it will not replace my Domino. 
I think their website is still up for now if you want to check it out.

There is a new term forming in the media world - Recessionista. A Recessionista is a woman (or a man I guess or would that be Recessionisto?) who is a Fashionista but only shops bargains. Somebody who manages to look great on a budget. In the spirit of that I got myself a 7$ authentic leather Coach bag from the thrift store. It's a very old model (looks like from the 70s) but that makes it vintage, right?


Unknown said...

No wonder 80's fashion has a revival. During hard times everyone goes though their old junk in the attic. If you are into the vintage stuff: I can get you an original 80's t-shirt of Bon Jovi or Bros for just 15 dollar. :-)
Australia seems to be hit less hard by the economic downfall, but jobs are hard to come by for backpackers right now. Am I glad I'm using my lifesavings right now.... ;-)

The Austrian said...

Mmm, Bon Jovi. I was more of an Aerosmith fan though.

I have been checking your blog. Seems like you are having a great time and I absolutely love the photos! Those are all postcard pictures.